Ethiopian Emerald Analysis

Ethiopian emerald analysis has shown this material has characteristics similar to Brazilian and Zambian emeralds.

July, 2017

Rough and polished Ethiopian emeralds from the recently discovered mine deposit in Southern Ethiopia. We source rough and cut and polish custom-made faceted emeralds for jewelry companies and collectors.

We performed some quick analysis on the material with the results displayed, below. One interesting point is that optical birefringence can be clearly seen in our Ethiopian emerald material (Exhibit 1). By rotating the rough gem about its axis and using polarised sunglasses, we can block out one of the incident rays and reveal the different green colour tones. ⠀⠀


  • Medium grassy-green, slightly blue colour
  • High-quality faceting rough sizes range from 1g to 30g

Exhibit 1 – Ethiopian rough emerald viewed through polarised sunglasses displays birefringence across its axis

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Physical specifications:

Mine nameHaloo Mine
Dealing townShakiso
RegionOromia, Ethiopia
Mining methodOpen cast
Host rockMica schist
Refractive index1.567
Specific gravity2.7
Optical characteristicDoubly refractive uni-axial
Crystal systemHexagonal
Chemical compositionAluminium Beryllium Silicate
Cause of colourChromium
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