Exhibit Gems has strong local and international partners, enabling us to obtain high-quality rough gemstones directly from the source. We are very much a mine-to-market operation with a focus on ethical sourcing, working with local tribes and developing communities. Since we avoid using middlemen and dealers, local miners and cooperatives can take home more value. By improving the efficiency of this supply chain, we offer very competitive prices for our high-quality gems.

We work with master cutters across Asia and Europe to transform our rough into the finest polished and faceted material. We always cut for quality. Where applicable, we work with the most respected gemological labs for our gemstone reports. Our customers range from niche collectors, boutique jewelers, top-tier gem laboratories and global jewelry companies.

Follow our journey and keep up-to-date with our gem hunting missions, cutting progress, material analysis and much more on our blog and social media pages including Instagram.